Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cubs pitchers report to camp

Cubs pitchers have reported to camp and there is already a mess.  Carlos Silva thinks he has a spot hands-down but is willing to fight for it.  Randy Wells is blaming everyone but himself for an average and disappointing season.  The young arms that made the second half surge from a strong bullpen are getting a shot at starting.  I think the top three should be solid.  Big Z is always a big Q but he seems to have finally turned the curve on being a pitcher and not just a thrower. 

I think Silva gets a spot and would prefer Looper or Wellemeyer actually get the 5th, assuming either of them can still throw a ball.  Cashner and Samardzija are better off in the bullpen.  Same for Russell.  If the year goes better than expected, you look for another arm.  If it doesn't you give the young guys a shot and say sayonara to the veterans.

I have to say the Marmol deal, bringing back Kerry Wood and the Matt Garza deal give me a small sense of hope.  I know where that will lead but all three are good, underrated moves to improve a pitching staff.  The biggest problem for the Cubs is how much better the Brewers got this offseason.