Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Bulls Trade Options

This is admittedly a stretch and hope from a Bulls fan. However, there is some potential merit. The Mavericks are clearly not in a position to compete this year. Nor, does the future look any better. They traded that away last year in dumping Harris for Kidd. So, they should look to cash in before it is too late. The hesitation that has doomed many a GM.

The trade looks like Nowitzki for Hughes, Noah, Tyrus Thomas, and a future #1 pick. Hughes gives them a bigger guard combo and they become a bit more run and gun with Howard, Terry, and Kidd. They get two young talents (both former lottery picks) that could improve with new scenery, as well as a future draft pick. Hughes contract also expires in time for the free agency everyone is chasing. So, they can keep him and enter the sweepstakes, or use him as viable trade bait next year.

Not likely, but another option. It would give the Bulls immediate help as a top 4 team in the East. The Mavericks would not be much worse off but have a better hope for the future.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MLB Free Agency

MLB Free Agency period means it is time for the Yankees to get out their checkbooks. Another year, another attempt to buy a championship. They are off to the races overpaying for Sabathia and Burnett. $160 million will only allow Sabathia to get more overweight. He has a lot of treads on that arm and you have to figure will eventually have a season of pain. He has also pitched in small markets in Cleveland and Milwaukee. It will be interesting to see how he responds to NY media and criticism. My guess is some pains and struggles.

As for Burnett...AWFUL. What is the chance he pitches 15 games next year? I will give you the over but I am not offering anyone the under. There is a reason he opted out of a contract to get in a new one. Even he is afraid his arm will fall off. The history is there. Besides that, he really is not an elite pitcher. He is a sexy pick because he throws hard and gets a lot of strikeouts. However, his career stats are 87-76 and a 3.81 ERA. Solid numbers for the A.L. He just received almost $1 million per career win. He won't return that many in the next 5 years.

Teixeira is cashing in. The Orioles and the Nationals? If I were the Angels or any team interested in him, I would turn away. He clearly does not care about winning. He wants to go home and enjoy his green.

Why the talks of ManRam retiring? He just proved he can carry a team better than any individual in the game. It is funny how things change. I loved Manny in Cleveland. Hated him in Boston. Liked what he did in LA. Then, hated him for what he did to the Cubs. Now, I cannot wait to see where he goes and watch him swing the bat. I will take him over any hitter not named Pujols.

The Brewers made a good move signing Capuano to a minor league deal that could pan out for a small market. The Cubs adding Gathright was a decent move, but likely ends the Pie trial (who will he be traded for?). Moyer for two years seems like a stretch. Yes, he throws off-speed. Yes, he has adapted and changed his game. Yes, he had a very good year and is a big reason they are World champs. Did anyone think how he will be 48 when this contract ends? I like him, but give him a one year deal.

That is it for now. Watching the Bulls in OT.