Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bulls Upcoming Season

Yes, I am one of the few in Chicago who still loves the Bulls. At least, they have given me less heartache than the Cubs. This is a brief preview to the upcoming season. One problem the Bulls face is the East has gotten much better. The 76ers added Brand to a solid, young nucleus. The Raptors (who I felt should have been much better last year) solidified their front line with Jermaine O'Neal. Orlando should be even tougher. Even the Bucks may have improved...Some.

The Bulls still have the same problems as always. No low post scoring. I have scanned every player in the league and cannot find any viable player to fill that void that is worth trading for or taking on their contract. How many low post scorers are there, really? Name the ones worth double-teaming, and I bet you hardly need more than one hand.

Now, the second problem is the logjam of guards. Rose, Hinrich, Gordon, Hughes, and Sefalosha. Either Sefalosha has to play the 3 or one of them needs to be traded. Gordon cannot be traded until Jan 1. Hughes and Rose seem to work the best together, so far. The slasher mentality coupled with Deng on the wing appears to have some potential.

Here is my take on how things play out. Larry Hughes has a decent season. Good enough to make the Ben Wallace trade look lopsided, in favor of the Bulls. Drew Gooden continues his usual stats but still not a very smart player. He is a solid bench player. Rose proves to be the scorer and tough player the Bulls have sought for years. The Bulls are a guard team who ignores the post like the Bears focus on defense and ignore quarterback. Ok, probably not the best idea. Aaron Gray develops into a serviceable center. Some improved footwork and passing skills over the next year and we could have a Brad Miller type on our hands. I would take that.

So, who needs to go? There is the possibility of the Heat trade for Marion or Odom from the Lakers. Do either of those players improve the Bulls situation? No, not really except Marion does improve a shaky defense. The problem is where you play him. He is a tweener and we have plenty of those.

So, my guess is the Bulls finish somewhere around 6th in the East. Rose has ups and downs. Beasley puts up great numbers and everyone thinks this was a horrible move. Paxson does trade Gordon but maybe too late and not the right player available. The media cries for his head.