Monday, June 9, 2008

Goodbye Cedric Benson

The Bears have finally moved past the Cedric Benson era. After 2 DWI's, a few decent games, and a couple touchdowns (most of them stolen from Jones), he is finally gone from Chicago. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. It's hard to remember a waste of talent who ruined a locker room with such little on-field performance since the last Chicago bust of Enis.

It was not hard to see this coming. You could hear the Bears pondering it after the first boating incident. Well, Benson did not want to leave any room for interpretation so he decided to get drunk and hop in his car. Nice move. The drinking is certainly one thing. I figure the league will suspend him for at least 4 games in the fashion of Jared Allen. The worst part is the sheer stupidity. Imagine all the irony of this scene in Austin. Car loads of poor, college kids spending the last $6 in their pocket for the night to get home safely, passing by Benson falling over on the sidewalk with the $30 million he stole from the Bears. Couldn't he hire a driver, pay a friend to drive him or around, or just invite friends over to his mansion?

Good riddance. You have no talent. Even less brains. And now you have no job. I hope no one picks him up. I get so sick of Jerry Jones acting like he runs the Betty Ford Clinic. Let this waste just fall out of the league and start an organization with McNown, Enis, and Terrell.

The Bears still have three running backs on the depth chart. This frees up time for the more deserving Forte, AP, and Wolfe, which I think is actually a decent three-headed monster. I feel they do need a goal line back. Ron Dayne or Mike Anderson could both be decent fills and carry higher YPC averages than Benson, anyway. Of course, there will be talk of Alexander or Henry. Obviously, Henry will not be considered and Alexander needs a way better line than the Bears can offer. They could also trade the Raiders for Fargas, but I don't see that happening with all the comments about how much they love Forte.

On a positive note. Congratulations to Marcus Robinson who retired as a Bear today. He had some good seasons with the Bears and was fun to watch. I am glad he came home to the team that drafted him to retire.