Thursday, April 24, 2008

Final Mock Draft

1. Dolphins - Jake Long
2. Rams - Glenn Dorsey (swapped with Falcons)
3. Atlanta - Chris Long
4. Raiders - McFadden
5. Chiefs - Branden Albert - Want Long or Dorsey but both gone here
6. Jets - Vernon Gholston - Half pick, Half block on Pats
7. Patriots - Sedrick Ellis (swapped with Saints)
8. Ravens - Matt Ryan
9. Bengals - Keith Rivers
10. Saints - Leodis McKelvin (traded to Pats)
11. Bills - DRC
12. Broncos - Ryan Clady
13. Panthers - Rashard Mendenhall
14. Bears - Chris Williams
15. Lions - Jonathan Stewart
16. Cardinals - Mike Jenkins
17. Chiefs - Derrick Harvey
18. Texans - Jeff Otah
19. Eagles - Desean Jackson
20. Bucs - Devin Thomas
21. Redskins - Phillip Merling
22. Cowboys - Malcolm Kelly
23. Steelers - Quentin Groves
24. Titans - Limas Sweed
25. Seahawks - Tyrell Johnson
26. Jaguars - Trevor Laws
27. Chargers - Gosder Cherilus
28. Cowboys - Felix Jones
29. 49ers - Jerrod Mayo
30. Packers - Brandon Flowers
31. Giants - Kenny Phillips - Connor or Phillips here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ok, here is a first. Hamil, this is for you since you have been an active reader. (Also notice I have a link to your blog, inactive as it is). I have to give credit to the Sox for a strong start to their season. Their pitching has been excellent. A question I have is, how much do you regret not giving an extension to Crede? He is easily the best defensive player and probably best hitter on the team. That sounds like a cornerstone player to me. The back looks fine. Many 3B have had back issues for a season or two.

This is a position I give credit to the Sox franchise for over the last 10-15 years. They have had two of the best overall 3B I have honestly enjoyed watching in Ventura and Crede. While the NorthSiders fill the position with guys like Gaetti (until recently with Ramirez). So, the question is what happens to Fields? He did hit 23 homers last year. Is he a guy like Braun that can move to the outfield?

Another question is what happened to the best division in baseball? There is only one team over .500 and Kansas City is in second. I repeat, Kansas City is in second. I think the Indians will turn it around. You have to figure the Tigers will, but are they too old with too many holes?

Monday, April 21, 2008

NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

1. Dolphins - Jake Long
2. Rams - Chris Long
3. Atlanta - Glenn Dorsey
4. Raiders - McFadden - Same as before
5. Chiefs - Branden Albert
6. Jets - Vernon Gholston - Remember Mo Lewis? Similar mold with more explosiveness.
7. Patriots - They would love to trade, rather than spend the money. Keith Rivers fills a need at LB.
8. Ravens - Matt Ryan - Bust
9. Bengals - Sedrick Ellis
10. Saints - DRC
11. Bills - Leodis McKelvin
12. Broncos - Ryan Clady -perfect fit and great value
13. Panthers - Chris Williams
14. Bears - Jeff Otah - Would prefer Williams.
15. Lions - Rashard Mendenhall
16. Cardinals - Jonathan Stewart - CB is the need. Jenkins would make sense.
17. Vikings - Derrick Harvey - Allen trade sounds likely. Neither is good news.
18. Texans - Mike Jenkins
19. Eagles - Desean Jackson
20. Bucs - Devin Thomas
21. Redskins - Phillip Merling
22. Cowboys - Felix Jones
23. Steelers - Malcolm Kelly - Big Ben wants more targets. Guess $100 Mil wasn't enough.
24. Titans - James Hardy. Limas Sweed would make Young happy.
25. Seahawks - Dustin Keller
26. Jaguars - Kentwan Balmer - Good fill for Stroud. Campbell or Merling (if still here)
27. Chargers - Aqib Talib. Can take best available. Cherilus or Campbell very likely.
28. Cowboys - Mario Manningham
29. 49ers - Antoine Cason
30. Packers - Brandon Flowers
31. Giants - Kenny Phillips - Connor or Phillips here.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bulls Wrap

No one probably cares to talk about the team with the least heart in the city. However, as a season ticket holder, I need to get this off my chest.

Priority #1 - Obviously a coach. I think Carlisle or Westphal could be early favorites. A darkhorse I kind of like would be Terry Porter. He was a smart guard and did well in Milwaukee with little. Rivers, Scott, McMillan have all been good coaches and are similar mold.

Priority #2 - Clear the backcourt. Everyone assumes Gordon is gone. I think you start with Hinrich. If possible, move him and Gooden (maybe the pick, also) for Baron Davis. I think you would need to give BG the one year tender, re-sign Duhon, or find a true PG. You can still give Deng a decent contract and here is your core:

PG: Davis
SG: Hughes, Thabo...BG for one year?
SF: Deng
PF: Thomas, Nocioni
C: Noah

It does not look good as there are so many needs and every player on this team took a hit on their value. They still have talent and are a few moves from being respectable again. I still don't blame Paxson for missing Gasol, Kobe, or Garnett. The Bulls did not have the cap space to get Gasol, so it was not going to happen. Kobe was not coming without having something left on the team to contend with, and he Lakers were not making the trade without getting most of the Bulls team. The Bulls made the T-Wolves a better offer then they ended up getting, only to be denied.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NFL Draft Sleepers

Here are some guys I think will outperform their projected draft spot. Share your thoughts and players you think will be better than expected.

Thomas Brown RB, Louis Rankin RB, Andre Caldwell WR, Paul Hubbard WR, Marcus Smith WR, King Dunlap OT, Cliff Avril DE/LB, Trevor Laws DT, Pat Sims DT, Xavier Adibi LB, Charles Godfrey CB, Quintin Demps S, Jamie Silva S, Kevin Robinson WR. A last one is Owen Schmitt. While he is well known and likely to get a decent pick, he plays a position (FB) that gets drafted late.

There are obviously a lot on this list. Most will likely be wrong, but I think majority of these guys will be major contributors in a few years.

Bears Draft Scenarios

Here are some potential picks I would like to see. What option would you prefer?

1st Rd 14 Chris Williams OT
2nd Rd 44 Ray Rice RB
3rd Rd 70 Andre Caldwell WR
3rd Rd 90 Andre Woodson QB
4th Rd 110 Mike McGlynn OG

1st Rd 14 Rashard Mendenhall RB
2nd Rd 44 Anthony Collins OT
3rd Rd 70 Chilo Rachal OG
3rd Rd 90 Paul Hubbard WR
4th Rd 110 Josh Johnson QB

1st Rd 14 Jeff Otah OT
2nd Rd 44 Chad Henne QB
3rd Rd 70 Jamaal Charles RB
3rd Rd 90 Roy Schuenig OG
4th Rd 110 Marcus Smith WR

1st Rd 14 Chris Williams OT
2nd Rd 44 Ray Rice RB
3rd Rd 70 Duane Brown OL
3rd Rd 90 Keenan Burton WR
4th Rd 110 Erik Ainge QB

1st Rd 14 Jeff Otah OT
2nd Rd 44 Brian Brohm QB
3rd Rd 70 Chilo Rachal OG
3rd Rd 90 Kevin Smith RB
4th Rd 110 Jamie Silva S

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NFL Mock Draft

Here is this year's version. Hopefully, there will be more than one this year.

1. Dolphins - Chris Long - Parcells likes the blood line and work ethic. QB (Flacco) with the 2nd round pick.
2. Rams - Vernon Gholston - absolute freak of an athlete and game changer. OT is a glaring need but will also available in 2nd round.
3. Atlanta - Jake Long - Long helps Turner and offense more than Ryan would. Dorsey is also good possibility.
4. Raiders - McFadden - A dream come true for Chuka!
5. Chiefs - Glenn Dorsey - OT is a glaring need, so Clady, Williams, or Otah are all possibilities but would be a stretch this high.
6. Jets - Mike Jenkins - "Mangenius" needs a CB in their division. McKelvin or DRC make sense. McFadden sliding would be the biggest gift they could hope for.
7. Patriots - Dominque Rodger-Cromartie - Unbelievable they get this pick. 2 of the top 3 DB's likely to go 6&7.
8. Ravens - Matt Ryan - DB also possible
9. Bengals - Sedrick Ellis
10. Saints - Keith Rivers - Rounds up one of the best LB cores in the NFL if Vilma and Morgan are healthy. The signing of Gay and recently Aaron Glenn rule out a DB.
11. Bills - Leodis McKelvin
12. Broncos - Ryan Clady -perfect fit and great value
13. Panthers - Chris Williams -Otah or Harvey
14. Bears - Jeff Otah - Would prefer Williams. Albert or Mendenhall also likely.
15. Lions - Rashard Mendenhall - AP and Mendenhall to frustrate and punish the Bears for years. No wonder Urlacher wants out.
16. Cardinals - Jonathan Stewart
17. Vikings - Derrick Harvey - bad news for Grossman
18. Texans - Branded Albert - past drafts have been smart and this would be, too
19. Eagles - Devin Thomas -trying desperately for a WR. Merling also possible
20. Bucs - Malcolm Kelly - Brohm might get Gruden's attention
21. Redskins - Phillip Merling
22. Cowboys - Limas Sweed - Felix Jones I'm sure gets Jones' attention
23. Steelers -Aqui Talib -OL a big need. Would love for Albert here and may trade up.
24. Titans - Desean Jackson -has to be WR for Young. Game changer like Hester.
25. Seahawks - Kenny Phillips -WR is a need but who is left? Trade up or down or a TE (Davis or Keller) more likely here. That's why this is version 1.0.
26. Jaguars - Quentin Groves
27. Chargers - Kentwan Balmer- may go pick before.
28. Cowboys - Felix Jones - Cason maybe if Jailbird Jones falls through.
29. 49ers - Mario Manningham
30. Packers - Antoine Cason - Phillips if he is here
31. Giants - Tracy Porter (4.29) - LB and Safety are bigger needs but he is better value.