Friday, April 13, 2007

A True Rarity in Sports Today

Al Wilson played a role model for all professional athletes today. I hope more people take note. Enough about Don Imus. Let's focus on this positive story.

Al Wilson has been the heart and soul of not only the Denver Broncos defense but their whole team since he began his career with them in 1999. It is sad that the Broncos released him due to his neck injury caused by running into the notorius bum, Gerard Warren. This guy can still play and I look forward to seeing him move onto a team that can take him to the Super Bowl. Patriots? Bears?

The rarity is that Al himself called a casual press conference because he wanted to say thank you to the city of Denver and its' fans. What a breath of fresh air in this day with criminal records, whining about playing time and contracts, etc. The NFL should stand behind Al Wilson and work to make him a face for what is a current struggling PR case.

Lance Briggs, you could certainly take a page from the Al Wilson book of how to be a class act. He kept a smile and offered condolences that he wouldn't be able to talk to everyone and say goodbye. He says he was hurting so bad that he felt he couldn't go another play, but the fans kept him going.

I emplore you to check out these few minutes of what a real professional athlete should represent.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mock Draft

Here is my first stab. There are sure to be changes due to upcoming trades, signings, whining players about contracts. Yes, I do mean Lance Briggs. I cannot wait for him to rot his career somewhere else. How many linebackers have left the Bears to perform at a higher level individually?

1. Raiders Jamarcus Russell
2. Lions Calvin Johnson (swapped to Falcons, Bucs, or best scenario for both the ViQueens)
3. Cleveland Adrian Peterson
4. Tampa Bay Gaines Adams
5. Arizona Joe Thomas
6. Washington Amobi Okoye
7. Minnesota Brady Quinn
8. Atlanta Jamaal Anderson
9. Dolphins Levi Brown
10. Texans LaRon Landry
11. 49ers Ted Ginn Jr.
12. Buffalo Patrick Willis
13. Rams Alan Branch
14. Carolina Greg Olsen
15. Steelers Lawrence Timmons
16. Green Bay Marshawn Lynch
17. Jacksonville Leon Hall
18. Bengals Aaron Ross
19. Titans Adam Carriker
20. Giants Joe Staley
21. Broncos Jarvis Moss
22. Cowboys Dwayne Bowe
23. Kansas City Robert Meachem
24. New England Paul Posluszny
25. Jets Darrelle Revis
26. Philadelphia Michael Griffin
27. New Orleans Chris Houston
28. New England Reggie Nelson
29. Ravens Anthony Spencer
30. Chargers Dwayne Jarrett
31. Bears Jon Beason
32. Colts Justin Harrell