Monday, January 22, 2007

Gross Travels

So I am pretty regular traveler. Some of the things I have seen and heard leave me hardly respecting the human race anymore. I also do not question things because I have just become used to many things. However, I felt the need to share a story about a recent encounter.

I was in the Detroit Metro Airport last Friday night. Not exactly the most hip place for a 25 year old but that is besides the point. I had a little over an hour so I sit down at the gate and start to read my book. I soon take notice why the seat was so available.

A young woman who I would say was in her mid to late twenties was in her own world. She had absolutely no care for those around her. Of course, she had her IPOD cranked up AND was yapping on her cell phone with one of her girlfriends. I hate when people do either loudly in public. She felt the need for both, simultaneously.

All of this is fairly common in today's world. Annoying, but not that huge of a deal. She apparently became bored with the music and friend combo so started fishing through her belongings for another option. Bingo! She decided to pull out nail clippers. Yes, she began clipping her fingernails right there in the airport. When that was completed, out came the file. After about 10 minutes of touching up, she calmly brushed all the trimmings on the ground.

I have certainly never been mistaken for a neat freak but do care about personal hygiene. This is not France. I have a hard time deciding where to do this in my own house let alone in an airport! I really wanted to say something but decided it was probably best to ignore her plus I was exhausted from two days of traveling. Please, keep your personal hygiene to a specialzed shop or your own bathroom.


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