Friday, January 26, 2007


Many rumors flying about the 7'0" Spaniard. I do hope the Bulls give it a good effort. Gasol certainly gives them the low post scorer they need. However, I do not think it is worth destroying the core of this team. Do not include Deng or Gordon. In fact, make a statement that these are the two core players you will build around. Make it your Jordan/Pippen combo of the future. Obviously, neither come close to the game of either MJ or Pip, but they both flash superstar capability.

There is a reason Hollinger just named Gordon as one of his two picks to the All Star squad. He has one of the true great jump shots in the league. This allows him to take his shot quickly, unaltered. That is why he seems so clutch late in the game. It is because the high arc stays the same when everyone is tired.

The trade to offer is PJ Brown, Noc, Duhon, and the Knicks pick. This is a very good offer for the Grizzlies. They would get a solid point guard in Duhon who helps run the court. He is an unselfish player and does all the small things. I have to think Jerry West likes his style. They get two expiring contracts in Brown and Noc. They can decide if they want to keep Nocioni or sign another free agent this summer. Of course, they get a chance for a top pick. It is still possible this could turn into a shot at the Durant/Oden sweepstakes.

The Bulls would be the best team in the East on paper. A starting five of Hinrich, Thabo (Gordon still better off bench player), Deng, Gasol, and Big Ben would have strengths in every category. Losing the grit and tough mindset of Nocioni would hurt. I love what he brings to the team and I know Skiles and Paxson feel the same way. The positives that Gasol bring completely outweigh that, though. Also, we cannot think about the "what if" on the draft pick. The team does not need to get any younger. In fact, if it turns into one of those two, who cares? How long before either of them is even as good as Gasol is now? Plus, remember it was a throw in for Curry.

If this is not the trade, then I hope the Bulls do not do it. The only other way I could see doing it is with the same players above but instead of Duhon, you give Tyrus in exchange for Hakim Warrick. I love Tyrus but getting Warrick and Gasol back is worth losing his potential. I am nervous every day until Feb 22nd that I will hear Gordon is heading to Memphis. Your choices have been good so far Pax, please keep it up.


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