Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This is a developing story in the NBA about a declining franchise. They have made some extremely poor signings in recent years, leaving them with heavy contracts and a severe lack of talent. See Willie Green and Steven Hunter as ways to steal money from the NBA. The team has won 9 games and currently sits tied for last place in the NBA.

They dumped Iverson for Miller (now on his 5th NBA Team) and two future first round picks. Getting the picks is a decent move but the Nuggets figure to be solid with Carmelo and AI so how good is questionable. Now they are supposed to be finalizing a buyout with Webber. This makes sense had they done it last year but his contract expires at the end of this year, so again a little puzzling.

Now, I finally see what Billie King is up to! It is reminiscent of some moves then-Cavaliers GM Jim Paxson made a few years ago. Remember him dumping Person, Andre Miller (funny how things come full circle), Nailon and others in the 2002 and 2003 seasons? It made sense as they were mailing in as many envelopes they could for the "Lebron Sweepstakes". Well, it appears the Sixers are doing the same thing for Greg Oden.

They are making every attempt to mail in the season and pray for the top pick. Don't believe me, go to the Sixers homepage. Yes, they have a gospel singer, Tonex, as the first thing you see. King and others really are saying their nightly prayers for the big man from Ohio State. They would have a solid team to build around him, Iguodala, and maybe even Korver. Although Korver makes too much money, his shot would be very helpful in developing Oden. This would give them an inside/outside combo and the new AI (Iguodala) to slash. They could keep Miller, who is signed through '09, to run the whole show.

This would make them a solid team in the East in a few years. It is the only hope for turning an abysmal future into a bright spot. Expect this team to make a couple more trades or dumps to rid themselves of a few more dollars. While a huge gamble, as it is a lottery, it is the only real move this once-storied franchise has. As a Bulls fan, I hope this plan does not work. Of course, we still hope the Knicks tank, we land Oden, and have one final laugh (and toast) to Isiah. Boy, Michael sure did ruin your head after the Dream Team debacle, didn't he?


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