Thursday, December 28, 2006

Devin Hester

Obviously a bit of old news about the Pro Bowl special teamer but I felt like including him. The guy has an uncanny knack of seeing the field. He creates gaps with side steps and is deceptively strong. You constantly see guys getting a hand on him only to have him spin free. I think this is the reason he does so well because the other team assumes the play is over, then he is gone.

He is fast but there are certainly NFL players who can beat him in a foot race. He ran a 4.41 at the combines, which was just in the top 10 for his draft class. Again, it is how he sees the field and uses that speed that makes him special. It will be great to see him develop that vision as a corner, as well. If he can do that, he will be due a huge paycheck when the current 4 year, 2.86 million dollar deal expires. You have to figure he demands a raise even before then, though.

I love watching this guy and look forward to the many years in a Chicago Bears jersey. This historically weak position has finally been filled with a standout. Maybe now we can have the same luck at quarterback?

Below is a great video of some returns. This includes almost 5 minutes of special teams. Unbelievable amount of footage for a 24 year old rookie. The first Duke play may be the greatest special teams return ever.


Hamil said...

Good stuff Sean. I think Hester's vision and patience make him the great returner that he is. However, I believe in the playoffs he will put the ball on the ground at least once, and it will be a vital point in the game. His fumbling is something that a lot of people have not been talking about because it has been overshadowed by his spectacular returns.

Hamil said...

Are you going to do the triatholon with wyatt???

Sean Chinski said...

I do not know about the triatholon. I wanted to but in typical Wyatt fashio, I have heard nothing since. It may be too late to start training now but I am still interested. How about you?

Wyatt said...
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Wyatt said...

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Next Blog needs to be about DA BULLS

John Paxson's trade w/ the Knicks is probably the greatest trade in the Bulls History. GREG ODEN

Anonymous said...

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